Choose an article on one of the following topics from positive psychology: “Posi

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Choose an article on one of the following topics from positive psychology: “Positive Traits and Their Relationship to Well-being”, “Money, Work and Culture and Their Relationship to Well-being”, or “Impact of Intimate Relationships on Well-Being”
(NOTE: Your reveiwed article does not need to be one of these exact searched titles, but just similar to these. These just give you ideas from the topics that we are studying in this course and should help you in the writing of your upcoming paper.) Keep that in mind as you choose your article.
You will likely find that the Keiser online library is the best place to search. Please do not be intimidated. There are videos that will help you step by step to search for articles using key words like those in these titles.
It is important that you learn how to critically review research. In our society today, we are exposed to many studies. Some are excellent, some are useful, and some are invalid and unreliable. How can you determine what information is useful and what is dangerous? The most important thing you will learn from this course—and from your college education—is how to critically evaluate information presented to you. Critical thinking involves asking five questions: who, what, when, where, how.
Find and read an article in the media, journal, Wall Street Journal, or news video that reports the results of a scientific study on one of the topics related to positive psychology, positive traits, positive emotions, happiness, resilience, money and well-being, self-regulation, or mindfulness and well-being. You must include the link to the website.
How accurately did the media report the study?
Answer the above five questions about the article (Who, What, When, Where, and How).
Upload the assignment. Please be sure that your article is research based.Your review must have at least a 200 word count.
Directions and Critical Review Example to follow below:

You will write a one-page critical review of the article. Please double-space your reivew. The review should answer each of the five questions. You must cite your source. If it is a website, please make sure you put the entire web address. Remember you are evaluating critically, not just summarizing. See the example below the grading rubric:
Critical thinking involves asking five questions—who, when, what, where, how. You should organize your paper in the following manner:
Your name should appear on the first line.
Next you place the correctly APA cited source that you are reviewing here. For example:
Lastname, F. M., & Lastname, F. M. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, Vol.(Issue), page numbers.
W A correct online journal article entry would appear like the one below. The article title is not italicized, but the periodical title is. You may want to rememer that articles are within the larger book, and book titles are always italicized. In APA 7th formatting.
Ex Example of how your paper will look:
Drollinger, T., Comer, L. B., & Warrington, P. T. (2006). Development and validation of the active empathetic listening scale. Psychology & Marketing, 23(2), 161-180.
Where: Where did this article/Web page appear? Is this reasonable? Is the publishing entity respectable/responsible?
Who: Who wrote/published the article/Web page? What are their credentials? Are the credentials appropriate for their argument?
When: Is this current information? If yes, do you think it will stand the “test of time”? If no, is it outdated or is it classic?
What: What argument is/are the author(s) making? Is it logical? Based on what you know, is it reasonable? What evidence is given to support the argument? Can you think of evidence to refute it?
How: How was the supporting/refuting evidence collected? Is this credible? What kind of evidence do you think needs to be gathered to test the argument? Did the author(s) do this?
Summarize the quality of the article (it does not have to be a “good” article in your opinion), and whether you consider this to be a worthwhile and trustworthy article. Did you think it was biased? Could the author have underlying motives? What do you think? Is it valid?
NOTE: Do not simply answer yes or no to the questions above. Write a thoughtful response to each section.

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